Dames- en herenkapsalon

French and European Roulette

We lumped these two under the same category because they're the same game, but with one minor twist.

Beginning with European roulette https://www.casino-777-online.com/, this wheel features 37 numbers and a single zero. Every bet in European roulette carries a 2.70% house edge, which is good when compared to most table games.

French roulette is played on the same single-zero wheel, except that it features either the la partage rule or en prison rule.

La partage pays half back on any losing even-money bet that lands on zero. En prison gives you a chance to win back your losing even-money bet on the next spin.

NNo matter whether the la partage or en prison rule is used, the house edge is just 1.35% in French roulette.

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